La Venenosa

La venenosa beyond just raicilla explores the state of Jalisco and its diverse expressions of agave distillates, since this state is home to the greatest biocultural diversity of mezcal, in La Venenosa you will find seven different types of distillates over nine varieties of agave, etc. 


What is raicilla: raicilla comes from the description “raicillero agave wine”; which means the clone mother’s plants, referring to the distillate that today we call mezcal. It comes from the fact that the cooked agave was called mezcal and raicillero refers to the fact that this agave gives many clones subsequently they grow from the root in the coastal zone of Jalisco it was called raicillas. 


Vino del cerro: Distillate that comes from magueys of the wild hill or of the mountainous zone. 

Vino de olla: Distillate produced in clay pots (Sierra del Tigre).

Vino barranca: Distillate produced among the ravines or from maguey that grows in the ravines (Sierra de Amula). 

Vino mezcal: Distillate made from cooked mezcal. 


An important and curious fact to mention; In the mid 1600’s during the colony in Jalisco began the production of mezcal and from here the knowledge is distributed to the other producing regions of Mexico and today we cannot use that word in Jalisco to define our product.