Lobo de la Sierra

Gerardo Peña aka Lobo de la Sierra, was born in SF, California and grew up in the Western Sierra of Jalisco, where he met the agave spirits from the region, for a series of fortuitous reasons decided to return to California. Working close to wi – neries, he learned about fermentation and distillation, a motive that aroused his inte – rest to return to the mountains of Jalisco and start his own plantations of lechugui – lla (agave maximiliana) and his own vinata (distillery) 14 years ago. His passion for working the land and its agaves with organic techniques dierent from those traditionally used in the region, granted the characteristic seal, helped his rapid identification and recognition for the quality and flavors of his distillate.

El Lobo de la Sierra Vino del cerro, Espíritus de Jalisco Exploring the traditional spirits from Sierra Occidental de Jalisco Species Maximiliana, cultivated 9 years Maestro Don Gerardo Peña “El Lobo de la Sierra” Village Jacales, Sierra Occidental de Jalisco Oven Adobe oven with oak Mill Small corn mill Ferment Plastic containers food grade and stone Still Two distillations in stainless steel and alembic Notes Aroma: lavender, lemon grass, pineapple Taste: lavender, lemon grass, pineapple Texture: smooth and floral, fresh and bitter finish